One of the main things The Addiction Connection does is commission those who are called by God to biblically counsel people struggling with addiction and their families. We have developed a unique process that is relationally based for commissioning. While sound theology is the foundation, our commissioning process seeks to be very practical, ensuring commissionees are ready for real ministry to those enslaved to addiction.

Why Commissioning?

We call this process commissioning for two reasons. First, we want to avoid confusion with any secular and governmental official designations that use the word certification. Second, we want to be thoroughly biblical and believe that the term commissioning better embodies the setting apart of people for gospel work.

The Latin origin of commissioning comes from the ideas of entrusting and commitment. As a small part of the body of Christ, the Addiction Connection does not believe that we have the absolute authority to entrust a ministry charge or illicit a commitment to ministry. Rather, we believe these are functions of our Lord Jesus.  When we commission someone as an addictions Biblical counselor, we are simply agreeing with Christ’s call and work in his or her life. Christ entrusts us as His people to carry on His work until He returns.

If you just break the word down, you get co-missioning, as in we are on mission together. That is exactly what we are to be about. Jesus has commissioned us to be about His mission together- making disciples of all people, including those who have been enslaved by addictive behavior. Being a commissioned counselor with the Addiction Connection means being a part of a disciple making team, so you will never be alone in the work!

Commissioning Process

Here is a step by step overview of the commissioning process:

Step 1: Complete Pre-Requisite Fundamentals of Addictions Biblical Counselor Training (15 Units)- attend live course or our NEW online course. NOTE: The price of the training course is NOT included in the costs of commissioning. It is separate.

Step 2: Complete Application. You can submit your application prior to completion of the Fundamentals course, but you cannot begin formal commissioning until you have completed it.

Step 3: Interview with Director or other TAC staff.

Step 4: Complete assigned supplemental training if necessary. This would be reading additional books or completing some other assignments to enhance your counseling or theology skills.

Step 5: Meet with two or three person Discipling Team to work through 40 questions in a relational dialogue format.

Step 6: Final Evaluation with Commissioners

Step 7: Commissioning Complete- Recognition at a Summit or other event if practical.

You can expect that the entire process, not including pre-requisite training or supplemental training, will range 3-4 months.

Costs of Commissioning

We strive to make commissioning an affordable, attainable program. You can pay in a lump sum or in stages. Here is the current pricing:

Application/Interview-  20.00

Discipling Team-         250.00

Final Evaluation-          75.00

1st Year Membership-  30.00

Total Cost–                375.00

If you are ready to get started, follow the application process below.

If you haven’t yet completed the Fundamentals of Addictions Biblical Counseling, find a training event near you HERE or register for the online course HERE.

Then fill out the online application below.

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Once you have completed the online portion of the application, download the written portion via PDF  HERE or a Word application HERE, then return it to us via email to

Go Here to pay for commissioning: Commissioning Payments

Feel free to CONTACT US about commissioning, training, or however else we may be of assistance to you.